Sports Leaders Award in Gymnastics

The Sports Leaders Award in Gymnastics enables candidates aged 13+ (including parents and ex-gymnasts) to assist in the delivery of the A-Z Gymnastics scheme under direct supervision of a Level 2 gymnastics coach.

The Gymnastics Leader Award is a course which is not concerned with your sporting ability but instead will help you to develop many different volunteering skills, such as being able to communicate with others in a sports setting.

Course Content

The course is broken down into three modules. These three modules combine some theory work with practical aspects, which will help you gain an insight into what it means to be a leader and start to learn how to lead others in your chosen sport.

How the couse works 

This course is made up of three modules:

Module 1 - Developing communication skills as a leader - this module looks at the importance of communication and how you'll have to communicate as a leader.

Module 2 - Planning and reviewing an activity - this module focuses on the process of planning to lead.

Module 3 - Leading Gymnastics - This module will bring the first two modules together and put them in a sports specific context. You'll learn how to break down skills and will be assessed on your leadership ability, through our Welsh Gymnastics A-Z Award Scheme.


Your Tutor/ Assessor will assess your ability to lead others in a gymnastic skill. If you reach the required standard, you will be awarded your Sports Leaders Award in Gymnastics. 

If you would like more information or would like to organise a course, please contact Welsh Gymnastics:

02920 334969