Course Policies

Please find course policies below:

Learner Appeals Procedure

Access to Fair Assessment

Safeguarding and Protecting Children

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy

BG Equality Policy

Health, Safety and Welfare Policy


Course Procedure

 Before Course

  1. Apply online at and forward payment to the Welsh Gymnastics Office.
  2. Learner Agreement read and understood.
  3. Appropriate mentor identified.
  4. Pre-course information and directions received two weeks before course start date, if space is secured.

During Course

  1. Attend Day 1 where you will receive your logbook.
  2. Provide gymnasts for Sports Specific days.
  3. If you are not able to attend the allocated course assessment, please complete and return assessment date transfer form (available in logbook).


  1. Complete logbook and mentoring sessions following final day.
  2. One month prior to assessment date you will receive assessment information.
  3. Two weeks prior, logbook has to be sent to the assessor or you maynot be assessed.
  4. Attend practical (and theory where applicable) assessment.
  5. Receive letter through in the post within s month of completing the assessment, your certificate will follow within four weeks of receiving the letter.