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Trampoline Proficiency
10am - 4pm
Bangor, Canolfan Brailsford
£65 Members £100 Non Members

This course will qualify you to teach our Trampoline Proficiency Award Scheme within a club or leisure centre environment. Many of our award scheme coaches are parents, teachers or gymnasts. 

Award scheme coaching is a great way to get involved with coaching gymnastics, even if you are new to the sport. You get to coach gymnastics within a fun environment, supporting participants in the development of new skills through dynamic pulse raising, strength and flexibility exercises. You can deliver fun gymnastics through detailed workcards, which include exciting activities and exercises for participants to follow. You get to work with both female and male participants ranging from ages five to eleven.

Learners must be 14 years old to attend this course.

Please find a comprehensive course syllabus below: