Gymnastics should be a safe, friendly and enjoyable experience for all young people. Welsh Gymnastics is committed to complying with the National Standards for Safeguarding and Protecting Children in Sport. We want to make sure that all children enjoy gymnastics in a safe environment in which they are protected from any form of abuse. The policies and guidance in this area are designed to support all gymnastics clubs to meet this goal.

British Gymnastics Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy contains the principles that all clubs must adhere to. This will ensure young people in the sport can be healthy,happy, and allow them to enjoy and develop in the sport of gymnastics.

Welsh Gymnastics will support all clubs to ensure that best practice is followed at all times. Safeguarding children is something all of us in gymnastics are responsible for, whether you're a parent, coach, volunteer, official or athlete.


The following do's and don'ts should be followed:


  • Stay calm
  • Show and tell the child that you are taking what he/she says seriously
  • Reassure the child and stress she/he is not to blame
  • Ask open questions but do not probe or put words into the child's mouth
  • Clarify anything you are uncertain of
  • Be honest, explain that you will have to tell someone else to stop the abuse
  • Make a note of what the child has said as soon as possible after the event
  • Involve parents where appropriate
  • Maintain confidentiality - only tell others if it will help to protect the child
  • Follow National Governing Body Guidelines


  • Panic
  • Rush into assumptions and actions that may be inappropriate
  • Make promises you cannot keep
  • You will need to make a written record of the facts using an Incident Report Form
  • Make the discloser keep repeating their concerns
  • Take responsibility for further action
  • Record opinion/hearsay/impressions - record only what was said or seen


It is not your responsibility to decide whether or not a child is being abused, but it is your responsibility to act if you have concerns. No action is not an option.

If you have any specific queries or wish to discuss a concern, please contact British Gymnastics on 0845 1297129 or Carys Kizito at Welsh Gymnastics 02920 334961