Welsh Gymnastics Annual Report 2015 (English)

Welsh Gymnastics Annual Report 2015 (Welsh) 

Welsh Gymnastics Strategic Vision (PDF - 514.5KB)

Welsh Gymnastics Governance Handbook

Welsh Gymnastics Equality Action Plan (PDF - 2MB)

Welsh Gymnastics Equality Profile Summary of Findings (PDF - 1.2MB)

British Gymnastics Equality Policy (PDF - 2MB)

British Gymnastics Anti-Doping Policy (PDF - 986KB)

British Gymnastics Health, Safety & Welfare Policy

British Gymanstics Safeguarding Vunerable Adults Policy (PDF 2MB)

British Gymnastics Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy (PDF - 3MB)

British Gymnastics Policy on Body Piercing and Adornments (PDF - 144KB)



2017 MAG Preperation Grades Information

2017 Development Competition Handbook 

2017 Women's Artistic Handbook

2013 Disability Gymnastics Compeititon Handbook (PDF - 2MB)

2013 Tumbling Competition Handbook (PDF - 607KB)

2013 Preliminary Championships Rules

Welsh Gymnastics Tumbling Development Plan 2014-2017

Welsh Tumbling Development Plan 2014-2017

Tumbling Gymnastics National Development Plan 2013-2016 

British Gymnastics Trampoline Handbook 2014 

Tumbling Domestic Competition Structure 2014

Time to Listen Prerequisites


Welsh Gymnastics Eligibility Criteria (PDF - 293KB)

MA Commonwealth Games 2018 Selection Policy

RG Commonwealth Games 2018 Selection Policy

WA Commonwealth Games 2018 Selection Policy

Commonwealth Games 2018 Appeals Process

Course Complaints Procedures

Welsh Gymnastics Candidates Complaints Procedure

A-Z Gymnastics

A-Z Order Form (PDF - 215KB)