Women's Artistic Team Floor and Vault Competition

11 Jun 2017

This year’s theme is: Occupations. We’ve selected this year’s theme from a the theme contest.  Due to the licencing issues around Disney we have decided not to go with it anymore.

Entry Form 

The rules & criteria for this competition will be as per WG handbook.

Please note that there is a no judge no entry rule for this competition and no entries without a nominated judge will be accepted.

The entry deadline is Friday May 12th 2017 @ noon.        

Membership type required for this competition is Bronze competitive.

To avoid late changes, please make sure to put on the entry forms the names of ALL coaches who are going to attend all the day. It is club’s responsibility to ensure all members have current & correct membership,  current DBS and SPC. As per all WG events wristbands will apply.

For this event we will amend the volunteers’ provision rules. Each club will have a choice of providing a volunteer or paying £10 pounds contribution. It will allow us to take better care of all volunteers present on the day.