Leadership Award in Gymnastics

14 Jun 2012

Leadership Award in Gymnastics

A Leadership Award in Gymnastics course took place on the 13th June at Eastern Leisure Centre in Cardiff.

The course was run by Welsh Gymnastics Club Development Officers, Aled Jones, Victoria Jones, Siwan Jones, Joy Sumner and was overseen by Cerri Dando Workforce Development Officer.

Attended by 20 participants, the day long course, which prepares each candidate for coaching, helps them to develop and up-skill their leadership and volunteering methods.

Shola Patterson and Mollie White, aged 15, from Rumney High School were taking the Leadership Award scheme as part of their GCSE PE.

“We found the course really useful”, said Shola,

“The activities side of the course was really good and we found being able to understand how to lead someone properly in sport really important,” said Mollie.

Split into three modules the course combines theory work with practical aspects to help the student’s gain an insight into what it means to be a sports leader and lead others in their chosen sport. The first module sets to develop communication skills, focusing on how to communicate effectively verbally and non-verbally. The second module concentrates on reviewing and planning an activity so that it may effectively be lead. This includes looking at the factors, such as age or facilities, which may affect how successful a session may be.

It is in the third module that the module one and two are put into practice within a sports specific context. With gymnastic equipment set up in the Leisure centre hall students were asked to split into groups of two, and with an activity card complete the tasks, which included taking it in-turns to direct, support and lead one another on each piece of apparatus.  

Natalie Llewellyn, 31 who coaches artistic gymnastics to 5 years olds at Planet Gymnastics had a confidence boost from the day’s events, “It was not as nerve-racking as I expected it to be, I found the instructors really friendly.

 “I don’t come from a gymnastics background so It was great be involved in the activities and I’m going to be taking a lot of things back to the club especially the warm up games.”

The students were asked to take on a leadership role for 10 minutes to prove to the tutors that they can lead others in gymnastics and give useful, appropriate and positive feedback in order to help a gymnast perform a skill to the best of their abilities.

Demonstrating SupportsThe course helps former gymnasts and those from other sporting backgrounds with the first steps in sports leadership, opening doors for them to pursue further gymnastic specific and or other sport leadership qualifications.

Thomas Davies a 21 year old Break Dance Teacher had to have the Gymnastic Leader qualification so he can continue to teach dance with Cardiff City Council.

“It’s been really worthwhile attending in order to understand the proper positioning and support the kids need for certain gymnastic skills, so they can do it safely,” said Tom.