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DMT NDP regional team qualifiers

With 6 qualifiers going forward to British finals:

Anais Rose

Leah Shelford

Menna Langston

Renee Eshel

Jack Pocock

August Smith

Regional Team NDP Qualifiers Trampoline 19 March 2017

Trampoline - NDP and Disability Regional Team Qualifier Results

Trampoline NDP 26 February 2017 

Welsh Gradings Ranking 1 

Welsh Gradings Ranking 2 

Welsh Gradings Disability NDP 

Welsh Grading Synchro 

Welsh Grading Team Results 


In the NDP competition, all gymnasts who scored 42.0 or more (execution scores only) have qualified for the Regional Team Qualifiers.
This will be held on March 12th at Ysgol Pen-Y-Garth.

At the Regional Team Qualifiers, the top 2 ranked gymnasts, per age group, per level, per gender will qualify to the Regional Team Final/ NDP Semi Final, providing the minimum execution score of 45.0 and range & conditioning pass mark of 70% have been achieved.


DMT NDP 25 February 2017

NDP Results 

DMT Qualifying Scores 

Welsh Championships 11 & 12 February 2017 

Novice and Elite 



Special Awards 

Trampoline NDP 22 January 2017 

Regional Results 

NDP and Welsh Regional Levels


Welsh Schools Trampoline Competition 20 November 16 


Disability Novice and Elite 




Team Scores 

NDP 1 of 3 Comptetition 23 October 16

Team Results 

Syncro Results 

Regional Results 

Disability and NDP results 

Welsh Schools Trampoline Competition 2015

Sunday 29th Novemeber 2015, Monmouth LC

Trampoline Welsh Championships 2015

Sunday 24th May 2015, Sport Wales, Cardiff

Trampoline Grading Results March 2nd

Trampolining Grading Results 26th Jan 2014

Trampoline Welsh Championships 2013

 2013 Cwpan Cymru - TRI Results

2013 Cwpan Cymru - TRS Results

2013 Cwpan Cymru - DMT Results

2013 Welsh Trampolining Levels 

19th May 2013, Pontypool Leisure Centre

2013 Welsh Trampolining Levels

21st April 2013, Pontypool Leisure Centre 

2013 Welsh Trampolining Levels

3rd March 2013, Monmouth Leisure Centre

2013 Welsh Trampolining Levels 

3rd February 2013, Abertillery Leisure Centre

2012/2013 Midlands Zonal Schools

20th January 2013, Monmouth Leisure Centre

 2012 Welsh Trampoline Championships

9th December 2012, National Indoor Athletics Centre, Cardiff

2012 David Ward-Hunt Cup

3rd-4th November 2012, Medway Park Gillingham  

2012 Welsh Trampoline Levels October - Team Results

14th October 2012, Sport Wales National Centre

2012 Welsh Trampoline Levels October - Individual Scores

14th October 2012, Sport Wales National Centre

2012 Welsh Trampolining June Levels

10th June 2012, Sport Wales National Centre

2012 Welsh Trampolining April Levels

1st April 2012, Maesteg Sports Centre

2012 Welsh Trampolining January Levels

22nd January 2012, Maesteg Sports Centre

2011 Welsh Trampolining Championships

11th December 2011, Sport Wales National Centre, Cardiff

2011 Welsh Schools Trampolining Championships

26th - 27th November 2011, Maesteg Sports Centre

 2011 Cwpan Cymru - International Trampolining Event

22nd - 23rd October 2011, National Indoor Athletics Centre, Cardiff

2011 Welsh Trampolining October Levels

8th October 2011, Maesteg Sports Centre