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Course Information


For more detailed information on all our workshop, coaching and judging courses please click the headings below

To enrol onto a course please go to the course enrolment page to see what is currently available
Coaching Course Fees and Pathway

Coaching Course Pathway




UKCC Level 1 (The coaching pathway can begin at this level)

This course will qualify you to be an assistant coach within your chosen gymnastics discipline. You will learn theoretical gymnastic knowledge such as emotional, cognitive and biomechanical development, as well as discipline specific practical skills. You will be able to support budding participants in a variety of moves and apparatus and help them in their gymnastics development.



Online Course £259





UKCC Level 2

As a level 2 coach you will be able to work independently to help participants develop their skills, strength and co-ordination. You are able to lead your own sessions, mentor and oversee fellow coaches, and open your own club. You can also help participants develop the skills required to compete in entry-level competitions.



Level 3 Coaching Theory

The Level 3 coaching theory qualification has been designed to provide you with the skills and understanding to support participants through a competition training cycle. Throughout the course you will develop the skills to evaluate, analyse and implement a training plan using a wide range of tools. 



Level 3 Technical Modules

Technical modules accompany the Level 3 technical theory course, together they complete the Level 3 qualification. Technical modules focus on specific skills and technical aspects, the number of modules will vary depending on which discipline you are coaching

£100 per module

£150 per module

Pre-School Add on Module

On this course you will have the opportunity to understand the key developmental areas and coaching strategies for preschool children. If you hold a UKCC Level 1 in any discipline you will be able to assist in preschool classes. If you hold a UKCC Level 2 in any discipline or Gymnastics Activity Instructor you will be able to deliver independently



Coach the Coach

Brand new to Welsh Gymnastics. Coach the Coach has been designed to support holistic coach development, supporting reflection and continuous learning, enabling coaches to feel more confident and equipped to approach and conduct potentially difficult conversations, that may not be specifically technical in nature. 

Free for those who successfully apply

Not available


Registration period for Courses

 Level 1- Courses will expire one year after the first day of the course

Level 2- Courses will expire one year after the first day of the course

If candidates sit their exam outside of their registration period they will have to contact their course organiser who will liaise with 1st4port to see if an extension can be granted (fees will apply)



Workshop Information and Fees



Sport Leaders

Welsh Gymnastics have partnered with Sport Leaders UK to create our Sport Leaders in Gymnastics programme. This opportunity includes access to an accredited Sport Leaders Qualification and add-on modules (minimum age 13 years). This course will give learners an introduction to general gymnastics-based physical activities across a range of gymnastics disciplines while learning the basics of communication, planning and delivery in the gymnastics settings.

The course will now run in two sections. Section 1 is a 3 hour theory session which is run via the zoom platform and section 2 is a 6 hour day based in a gymnastics environment. Please be mindful the learner will need to complete section 1 before section 2 as parts of section 1 will be worked upon during section 2.

Section 1 - £25


Section 2 - £60

Section 1 - £45


Section 2 - £80

Safeguarding and Protecting Children

This workshop aims to increase awareness of safeguarding and protecting children, helping coaches to recognise signs of abuse and poor practice, and deal sensitively and effectively with issues that arise. It also prompts a review of coaching practice to ensure that sport provides a positive and enriching experience for children. The course can be attended by all those responsible for organising and delivering gymnastics (eg coaches, leaders, judges, welfare officers, club roles, volunteers and parents). This course can be attended by 18+ years (16+ years may attend with an appropriate adult). 



Time to Listen

This course will support you in your role as a club welfare officer and help to further develop your understanding of child protection and safeguarding within a gymnastics environment. This course is designed to support you and your club in the safeguarding and protection of children. You will learn about the policies and procedures in place, and the different roles and responsibilities of everyone contributing towards the safeguarding of children. You will be guided through a variety of exercises and activities in order to develop the skills necessary to implement best practice in your club.  You will already have completed a Safeguarding and Protecting Children (SPC) workshop before attending this course. Learners must be at least 18 years old on the day of the course. 



Intro to Coaching

This course offers you the exciting chance to begin your coaching journey. You will learn about the fundamental skills of being a coach and how to apply these skills within a gymnastics environment. You will learn the roles and responsibilities of a coach, develop a basic understanding of the technicalities of gymnastics, and understand the role of a helper within coaching sessions.



Intro to Judging

This course offers you an insight into the role of a judge. You will learn about the role and responsibilities of a judge, why we judge, and the important of judging. You will develop the knowledge to differentiate between basic skills, record and evaluate erros, and review performances.



Intro to Event Volunteering

Intro to Event Volunteering offers you the exciting chance to begin a volunteering journey. You will learn about the different types of events to get involved with, the roles that are available – and how you can be involved in supporting the continued growth of our sport and enable those who want to take part.



Virtual Level 1 Course Guidance
Virtual Level 1 Course Guidance

Please click here for Level 1 support documents We highly recommend all learners and mentors thoroughly read this information before filming their video

Level 1 assessment videos need to be 30 minutes long, the timings for the videos can be found on the appropriate discipline skills box here

All course information and assessment information is sent to the email address on the learners WG membership (this may be a parent/guardians email address) it is the learners responsibility to ensure they have access to this account

Please upload your assessment video via our Kaltura channel The learners username is the email address on their membership and their password is their WG number

Support for Coaches

Welsh Gymnastics has teamed up with UK Coaching to offer all Level 1+ UKCC coaches – who are also current members for 2021 – FREE access to the subscription service.

What you’ll get

This fantastic subscription will give you, as coaches, exclusive access to practical resources to read, watch or download, and will help you to:

  • Build rapport
  • Grow abilities
  • Develop mindsets
  • Support differing needs
  • Ensure welfare and safety
  • Organise and plan 

New content is added every week!

  • Free access to some of UK Coaching’s online Learn at Home courses, including recordings of the popular Time2Learn webinars.
  • Priority offers where you can save money on everything from team kit to tax advice and digital technology.

Contact  for more information.

Join Now 

Re-Assessment/Registration Period
Re-assessment Fees

If you are deemed not yet competent for your assessment the below re-assessment fees will apply

  • Level 1 practical re-assessment- £80
  • Level 2 practical re-assessment - £105
  • Level1/2 logbook re-assessment- £20

If you would like to arrange a re-assessment please click here and return to


Registration period for Courses
  • Level 1- Courses will expire one year after the first day of the course
  • Level 2- Courses will expire one year after the first day of the course

If candidates sits their exam outside of their registration period they will have to contact their course organiser who will liaise with 1st4port to see if an extension can be granted (fees will apply)

Reasonable Adjustments for Courses
Reasonable adjustments

1st4sport and ourselves offer various reasonable adjustments to assist with a candidates learning to ensure there are no unnecessary barriers to completing their course. Below is an overview of adjustments that can be made. For more information on accessing any of the below please contact your course organiser


Discipline Transfer Matrix
Transfer Matrix

If you would like to transfer to coach a different discipline please follow this link to the transfer matrix to see which level you can start coaching your new discipline at.


Tutor and Assessor Recruitment

Welsh Gymnastics are looking for expression of interests for UKCC Level 1+ tutors/assessors and Sports leaders tutors. If you would be interested in joining our workforce please see the below forms and scope of services for more details. To submit an expression of interest please contact with the following details

  • Full Name
  • Gymnastics Coaching Level
  • Discipline
  • Region

Scope of Services

Expression of Interest

Education Term and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

Please see the link below 

Education Terms and Conditions