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Sport Leaders in Trampolining
10:00 - 16:00
Fusion Gymnastics Club

Sports Leaders Award in Trampoline

This award will give you the opportunity to develop many skills which will be of use to you, both in a sporting environment and in life in general.
The Trampoline Leader Award is a course that will help you develop many different volunteering skills, such as being able to communicate with others in a sports setting.
The course will enable candidates aged 13+ years (including parents and ex-gymnasts) to assist in the delivery of the skills and activities within the Trampoline proficiency scheme under direct supervision of a Level 2 gymnastics coach.
How the course works
Module 1 – Developing communication skills as a leader – this module looks at the importance of communication and how you’ll have to communicate as a leader.
Module 2 – Planning and reviewing an activity – this module focuses on the process of planning to lead.
Module 3 – Leading Trampoline - This module will bring the first two modules together and put them in a sports specific context. You’ll learn how to break down skills and will be assessed on your leadership ability.
• Health and Safety
• Warm Up Activities.
• Stretching.
• Session themes : Accuracy, Twisting, Shaping, Timing, Hand Apparatus
• Basic Skill Breakdown.
• Delivering Trampoline skills

Your Tutor/Assessor will assess your ability to lead others in a Trampoline skill. If you satisfy them that you can do this, you will be awarded your Sports Leaders Award in Trampoline certificate