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Great communities and champions - our governance

Welsh Gymnastics is the guardian of the sport in Wales. We want Wales to be recognised as a leading gymnastics nation, producing world-class champions

We also want to ensure more children, young people and adults from all backgrounds, abilities and communities can become involved with gymnastics.

In line with the Governance and Leadership Framework for Wales (Pdf document, 1MB, link opens in new window), the board and senior staff of Welsh Gymnastics aim to:

  • Inspire
  • Show clarity leading to goals which are supported by strategic insight
  • Provide challenge and support
  • Get the best out of people
  • Communicate with excellence
  • Strive to improve
  • Set an example
  • Trust and be trusted

Our board

Our board members, chaired by Bev Smith, are from a range of backgrounds, and appointed because of their skills and expertise.

Find out more about our board members.

The board helps Welsh Gymnastics’ Chief Executive  decide priorities for the business, then monitors progress to make sure everyone meets their targets and maintains high standards.

Independent board members are the people who cast a critical eye and contribute to the decision-making process, free from vested interests in the outcome of those decisions.

More information:

(Links open in new windows)
Communities and Champions Strategy 2022 (Pdf, 8MB) 
Welsh Gymnastics Governance Handbook 2019