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Gymnastics for All

Looking for Gymnastics Activities that you can do in the gym, your community centre or at home? You have come the right place! 

The team at Welsh Gymnastics want to ensure our community have access to a range of fun filled gymnastics themed activities.

In this area our members can find an array of workout cards,activity cards, downloadable activities & games and information to access live sessions; many of which are bilingual. 

Activity Cards


The Greatest Gymnast of All Read by Sydney Davies

Downloadable Activities, Games & Puzzles  

Healthy Eating Recipes 

LIVE Sessions & Discipline Masterclasses

A number of discipline specific online sessions took place through the Summer of 2020 for members of the Welsh Gymnastics community. These sessions can be viewed at our You Tube page

Keep a look out for more LIVE sessions available soon. 

Sport Leader Online Sessions

A number of online sessions ran through the Summer of 2020 for Welsh Gymnastics affiliated Sport Leaders. Lead by a Welsh Gymnastics Tutor, sessions were based on a variety of topics; each previously requested by the community. The sessions were a great opportunity for leaders to learn new skills and engage with others from across Wales. Session information can be downloaded here. 

  1. Sport Leaders: The "New Normal" - Content
  2. Being a role model: Roles & Responsibilities - Content
  3. Covid-19 How has it affected your gym and coaching - Content
  4. Warm Up & Cool Down Games: For zoom and socially distanced sessions - Content 
  5. Effective Communication - Content

Online Workouts 

Session Plans 

Warm Up & Cool Down Activity Cards

  • Cool Down Game - Making a Pizza - Available Soon 
  • Cool Down Game - The Imagination Game (Animal Edition) - Available Soon 
  • Warm Up Game - The Alphabet Game (Sport Edition) - Available Soon 
  • Warm Up Game - The Bean Game
  • Warm Up Game - The Bop It Game - Available Soon 
  • Warm Up Game - The Car Game - Available Soon 
  • Warm Up Game - The Pirate Ship Game - Available Soon 
  • Warm Up Game The Shape Game

Workout Cards