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Gymnastics for All

Gymnastics for All means there is something for everyone at all ages and abilities. To get started, participants will not need any experience or special equipment. Gymnastics will help develop personal fitness, well-being, and health. Gymnastics for All encourages fun and fitness and begins with preschool classes and basic general gymnastics classes, within clubs, schools, or leisure settings. These early opportunities will allow gymnasts to have a range of experiences and even find a competitive discipline. Gymnastics for All also provides opportunities for older participants to be involved though freestyle gymnastics, adult competitive gymnastics, or festivals.

Welsh Gymnastics works with many external partners and internal programmes to broaden opportunities, including:

This partnership offers an age and dementia friendly seated gymnastics programme which is transforming the lives of people living with dementia.

This partnership provides training opportunities for coaches to enable them to cascade activities and health and well-being messages to children in their classes.  

  • Welsh Gymnastics’ GymVol Programme

This programme enables volunteers from the gymnastics community who volunteer at WG events to earn prizes and awards for their valued contribution; this may be in judging or general event volunteering. Get in touch with us on if you would like to volunteer at WG competitions and events.

  • Welsh Gymnastics Sport Leaders in Gymnastics

Welsh Gymnastics have partnered with Sport Leaders UK to create our Sport Leaders in Gymnastics programme. This opportunity includes access to an accredited Sport Leaders Qualification and add-on modules (minimum age 13 years). This course will give learners an introduction to general gymnastics-based physical activities across a range of gymnastics disciplines while learning the basics of communication, planning and delivery in the gymnastics settings.

For more information on courses and workshops follow this link

In addition to these programmes, the development and communities’ team at Welsh Gymnastics have a variety of competitions and events on offer for community members from clubs, schools and within leisure settings. 

Get in touch with your us on  or direct to your club, school, or leisure provider to know more.

To find your nearest affiliated gymnastics club in our Club finder or check out our GFA FAQ page here.

To get involved during lockdown, you can also access the Gymnastics at Home Activities page at