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Bangor Gymnastics Club offers high quality gymnastics training for children and young people aged between 2-18+ years.  The club was founded in 1981 and was re-established by Mr Stan Buckley and Mair Eluned in 1996, when the club only had 20 permanent members. By October 2015 the club had grown to 283 members.  The club was restructured in this month as Company Limited by Guarantee, with all profits reinvested back into the club, and a board of directors appointed.  Since this time the club membership has grown significantly.

Bangor Gymnastics Club is a self-sufficient sports club that serves the people in, and around, the Bangor area in North West Wales. With, in excess of 700 members, the club provides a vital service for children and young people.  Founded on a shared vision, Bangor Gymnastics Club aims to grow on the success it had already achieved, ensuring the vision of the club remains consistent and relevant.

Mair Eluned – Director at Bangor Gymnastics Club: “It's been a long journey to achieve insport Gold but it's been worth the hard work to see how far the club has developed, offering more and more disability gymnastic sessions, increasing our membership and ensuring we can offer Gymnastics For All.”

Bangor Gymnastics Club are now moving into their own purpose built facility which they themselves have funded. This new venue will allow the club to facilitate additional disability classes and have Special Educational Needs Schools attend weekly sessions at the club.

Victoria Jones – Business and Facilities Development Manager for Welsh Gymnastics said: “Inclusivity lies at the heart of everything Bangor Gymnastics Club do. The culture of the club has changed and developed over the past 2 years developing coaches, improving governance structures and planning ahead for their future. Bangor Gymnastics Club advocate good practice and are striving to share their experience which others.”

Talking of the first insport Gold club in Gwynedd Disability Sport Wales Development Officer for Gwynedd, Marcus Politis said “I am so proud of Bangor Gym Club.  They are by far the biggest provider for meaningful inclusion through the county, they have an excellent programme, excellent volunteers and their facility needs to be seen to be appreciated. Their principles and policies for disabled people are a blue print for all open and disabled sports clubs, not just in Gwynedd, but in the UK ”

DSW Partnership Manager Michelle Daltry Said “Congratulation to all involved with Bangor Gymnastics Club, it is great to see such a successful club embracing inclusivity to ensure that all gymnasts get a positive experience of their sport. This is such a fantastic example of how sport can be welcoming to all, an achievement all coaches and volunteers should be proud of.  Thank you to all involved for all your hard work”