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Our membership system is temporarily unavailable


We designed  a new online membership system for 2017 in which members of British Gymnastics registered clubs could join or renew their British Gymnastics membership in a way that complies with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  Despite the care with which we designed the system, plus extensive internal and external testing, the system did not perform as predicted when it went live on Sunday 1st October, leaving many members unable to complete the join or renew process.  

We have therefore suspended the system while we resolve the issues that have been identified and retest the system.  We know that this has resulted in uncertainty and inconvenience to clubs and members and we apologise for the problems this has caused. Our technical teams and suppliers are working hard to resolve the issues to re-open the membership system as soon as we can.

Insurance cover

One of the main concerns clubs and members have expressed to us is about insurance cover. We have made special arrangements to ensure that gymnastics activity in British Gymnastics registered clubs can continue until we re-open the membership process, and can provide the following assurances:

1)    We are continuing to provide the full insurance cover that British Gymnastics registered clubs usually benefit from for any recognised gymnastics activity whilst we are resolving the problems.  This means that club sessions and events can continue as normal.  

2)    Personal accident insurance cover is in place for existing British Gymnastics members, whether or not they have completed the online membership renewal process. This will remain in place until the system becomes available.

3)    New members who have registered with a British Gymnastics club have personal accident cover in the same way that a new participant would be covered for taster sessions within the club, whether or not they have completed the online British Gymnastics membership process.

Access to on-line services

While we fix the issues identified with the membership process and subject it to rigorous testing, we have had to temporarily suspend access to GymNET.  This means that for a short period of time services such as My Account and Event Entry will not be available. 

During this time we cannot manage membership over the phone, so please do not to attempt to join or renew membership by phone as our Customer Service team will not be able to help you with this.