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Welsh Gymnastics caught up with double trampolining British Champion Breanne Murzyn and her coach Lisa Edwards from Freefallers, Abertillery, after a very successful British Championships this September.

First up, Breanne - Congratulations on a great competition Breanne. How have your preparations for today gone?

It’s not always been easy. When you’re working, studying at university and training all at the same time it can be a struggle, but I’m very determined and it’s driven me to keep going because I love the sport.

What is it that drives you to continue?

Trampolining is everything to me, I absolutely love it and I find that I’m more intrinsically motivated than anything else. I train and I work hard because it’s something I really enjoy, and all the effort definitely pays off.

How does it feel to be British Champion again?

To be honest it feels incredible, I am really happy. It’s been a great competition for me.

As a senior gymnast, what advice would you give a new starter in this discipline?

Make sure you have fun and progress at your own rate.

The best advice I can give is not to worry about what anyone else is doing, because everyone is different and one person’s progress doesn’t reflect on yours.

What could Welsh Gymnastics do to help you continue on this path?

We should make sure that we promote disability gymnastics as much as possible so that more people know what it is, what’s available to them and what they can achieve with the sport. 

Lisa – It’s been a great Championships. What were the preparations like going into this weekend?

The preparation wasn’t always straightforward - we had some really good sessions and some that didn’t quite go to plan, but Breanne has remained positive and motivated throughout and really pulled it out of the bag today.

How does it feel being coach to a double British Champion?

It feels really great of course, but it was a complete team effort and I’m so proud of Breanne, she’s done brilliantly and has worked incredibly hard for this.

What are your plans moving forward?

It’s all down to Breanne really.

She has worked to get her difficulty tariff up to where she is currently at and now we need to start working on increasing that and adding in new skills to her routines.  Hopefully now with British Gymnastics involved, she can start moving forward with something new -  it’s a very exciting time.

Breanne Murzyn and Lisa Edwards   

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