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As part of our stakeholder engagement programme, we surveyed a random selection of adult members to gather their views on communication and engagement with Welsh Gymnastics. Through this survey, we were able to gain some valuable insights that feed into our wider review with clubs, funders, partners and internal staff.  

On communication, you told us that you value our website, newsletter and the communication you receive at courses from your clubs, but that Instagram and Twitter are not adding as much value. We also know that you would like more information about events and courses, and were delighted to hear that you receive positive and professional responses from our staff. More technical information and resources for coaches were highlighted as a need, along with a desire for communication to be better tailored to different groups.

On engagement, we found that most who had read our strategy felt it reflected your views to some degree.  Our strategy can be found at the Governance page [opens in new window] for those who have not yet had the opportunity to read it. You also told us you would like face to face interaction with our Board, at events and on club visits.

Both the Board and the Welsh Gymnastics team will be identifying priority focus areas coming out of this review, and will continue to work hard to meet the ongoing needs of all members.  We have already planned a series of visits to our areas throughout October and early November. Your feedback and new ideas are always welcome!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond.