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Far from the best-known discipline in Gymnastics, TeamGym has developed rapidly over recent years. With the likes of Welsh Commonwealth Bronze medallist Angel Romero switching discipline to TeamGym having retired from Artistic gymnastics, the sport is becoming increasingly popular.

TeamGym routines require effective teamwork, excellent technique and spectacular tumbling elements. Training and competitions generate an excellent team spirit amongst gymnasts, with routines providing great entertainment for all.

As more Welsh gymnastics clubs looks to join the discipline, Welsh Gymnastics are here to offer support through coaching courses and resources to help you offer TeamGym within your club.

Minimal equipment required

A competition for all ages, TeamGym includes routines performed on minimal equipment. All it requires is four pieces of equipment; floor, single mini vault and an area to tumble - whether it be a strip of floor or tumble track. As an initial starter the gymnasts can compete tumble, trampette and vault – which is called Mirco Team.  Floor routines need to be synchronised and can be worked on whilst competing at Micro Team routines.

For Micro Team competitions, teams can be between 3 and 5 gymnasts for a whole routine which would include all Micro routines and a fully synchronised floor, teams can be between 6 and 12 gymnasts.

Floor it 

Encouraging smooth teamwork and individual expression, the floor routine consists mainly of gymnastic elements and is performed on a 14 metre x 20 metre mat, choreographed to music.

A artistic and well-balanced technical performance, properly linked movements, certainty of execution and synchronization as well as expressive presentation should attract a good score. The floor performance is a popular element of the routine, performed by all team participants.

Take a tumble

TeamGym micro and full teams perform three tumble runs.  These tumbles are done a track and consist of a team round, a forward round and an individual round.  For each round, excluding the Team round, difficulty will need to build.  For the Team round gymnasts will all compete the same routines, for the forward routines gymnasts can choose from a selection of forward facing skills which could include handstands and skills up to twisting walkouts.  The individual round gives the gymnasts the opportunity to showcase their skill level, providing their coach has the relevant coaching qualification. As with tumbling all somersault dismounts will need to land in the landing area.  The starting value of any routine will be determined based on the value of the moves performed.

And add a bounce…

TeamGym teams perform skills using a trampette and also using a trampette to perform vaults, making it ideal for those gymnasts that have previous experience in an artistic setting.  At least one skill needs to a team round, which must be competed first.  Skills can be chosen from a given list and can vary from a stretch jump off the trampette to potentially a double front (depending on the coaches qualification), or a squat on stretch jump off the vault to potentially a tsukahara over the vault.

The club benefits of TeamGym

Aside from offering something new, TeamGym offers strategic benefits to your club in terms of increasing gymnast retention levels. By offering an all-inclusive program that encourages individual skill development and team work, TeamGym works across three levels – novice, intermediate and advanced levels, and has the potential to incorporate harder skills depending on your coach qualifications and gymnast competency levels.

With many teens at risk of dropping out once their gymnastic career is over, TeamGym brings a fresh approach to continuing gymnastics. TeamGym training is less demanding, so commitment levels are realistic as social schedules typically get busier.

Parents and kids can even compete in the same competitions, in different age groups. 

Get your club involved in TeamGym today! 

With Welsh Gymnastics officially launching TeamGym this year, workforce requests are being taken for various coaching and judging courses, for further details or to register your interest please get in touch with our workforce officer Rachel Horwood on

If you would like to judge uptake before committing to the course, then why not organise a TeamGym event at your club to inform your gymnasts and parents about the discipline and encourage participation in your community?

Unanswered TeamGym questions?

Then head over to our TeamGym FAQ page to get the answers. If you would like any help or support in starting up TeamGym at your club please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your club develop officer or Maria Gaynor on