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Gymnastics is a multi-facetted discipline, with hidden gems within the many strands of the sport.  One of those hidden gems within Welsh Gymnastics arsenal of disciplines is the newly adopted TeamGym. 

TeamGym offers gymnasts a variety of opportunities to use skills gained from the various different disciplines and their time within the sport of gymnastics.  Alternatively, TeamGym provides an easy entry route into gymnastics for an individual at any age and at any skill level. 

The physical literacy links that children between 2 and 5 develop as a result of involvement in gymnastics are huge and children will develop fundamental movements skills and the confidence.   Between these ages, gymnastics is fun and an easy way for children to keep active.  As your son or daughter’s passions and interests change, and gymnastics skills within disciplines gets more difficult or time consuming, priorities and passion can shift.

Physical activity is as important for teens as it is for toddlers. Gymnastics is a sport that helps to enhance your teen’s flexibility. The stretching postures help promote your teen’s body and mind development. Gymnastics teaches your teen to twist their body - toughening bones, improving muscle strength and increasing flexibility. Enhancing self-esteem and confidence, as well as offering vast health benefits, gymnastics can also be a welcome distraction during revision periods and works wonders to improve concentration and focus.

Introducing TeamGym

With the upper age of an average gymnast being between 10 and 13, and within a sport that typically attracts younger children TeamGym offers a way to bridge the discipline gap and keep young people in sport for longer. 

TeamGym is a gymnastic discipline that actively engages older competitive gymnasts and has European and World Championships. TeamGym takes skills from all types of gymnastics and adds a team element where gymnasts work together and learn through performing routines. It focuses on aspects of gymnastics that gymnasts have reported to enjoy and doesn’t include apparatus such as beam and uneven bars. This programme helps them to stay involved in gymnastics but reduces the hours of commitment required to train competitively. TeamGym gymnasts train for between 3-6 hours weekly, which allows plenty of time to participate in other activities.

Offering the flexibility to choose their apparatus, as well as taking part with friends (or siblings) of all ages, TeamGym sessions have a greater focus on the social aspect of gymnastics, whilst allowing gymnasts full control and allowing them to choose the skills they want to learn.

Inspire them

If you think your children would benefit from some TeamGym inspiration, then let them read our interview with Welsh Commonwealth Bronze Medallist Angel Romero, which discusses her TeamGym experience. You can also use our search tool to find a club that offers TeamGym in your area.

If your local club is yet to offer the TeamGym as a discipline, then why not suggest they learn more about the benefits of TeamGym to their club. Or if you are interested in some professional development to help your club get started by contact Welsh Gymnastics Workforce Officer Rachel Horwood on