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The School Sports Survey is an online survey of pupil sport participation, which focuses on children of years 3 – 11. This year, 118,893 pupils took part in the survey which was held in July 2018.

Gymnastics and Trampolining achieved fantastic results in this year’s survey, and we have highlighted some of the main findings below:


Our results

  • In the past year, 30.9% of pupils have participated in gymnastics - compared with just 19.7% in 2015.
  • When it comes to trampolining, 46.5% of pupils have taken part – which is a huge jump from 26.6% in 2015.
  • For females, gymnastics is among the top 10 extra-curricular sports most likely to be participated in at 13%, and was the third most likely to be tried within a community sports setting (20%).
  • In terms of ‘informal’ participation (other than in school or community club settings), 37% of males and 38% of females in years 3-6 were most likely to do trampolining, with gymnastics coming in at 21% for females.  
  • In years 7-11, 24% of males and 29% of females were most likely to participate in trampolining.


Welsh Gymnastics has over 90 clubs across Wales. Our clubs vary in size from 15 members up to 2,500 and they are operating out of school and village halls, leisure centres and an ever increasing number are moving into their own dedicated facilities. 

We are so delighted to see that this is enabling more people than ever to enjoy gymnastics, and that our membership numbers are increasing year on year.

In 2017/18, Welsh Gymnastics membership stood at 25,000 and we are continually working to ensure that every gymnast has a high quality experience at every level of our sport.