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The Acrobatic Teams for the upcoming Home Nations competition, held in Perth on the 5th - 7th April, will be as follows:

Pair/Group Category Age/Level

Georgina Matthews, Olivia Street and Jessica Boyd WG 11-16
Lauren Clark, Erin Pole and Grace Williams WG IDP
Zoe Wilson, Nancy Haffaran and Keira Wemyss WG IDP
Emily Stock, Katie Jenkins and Hannah Jenkins WG Sen
Tess Pole and Libby Greenslade WP IDP
Rebecca Davies and Carys Butler WP IDP
Bronwen Maine, Olivia Hillman and Ella Johnson WG 12-18
Emily Millard, Beatrice Jackson and Maddie Brain WG 12-18
Aimee Griffiths and Leah Richards WP 13-19
Nathaniel Sinclair and Freda Haynes MxP Youth
Jessica McNulty and Megan Griffiths WP Youth
Mia Jenkins, Summer Painter and Hollie Bamford WG Youth
Lily Thornhill, Elin Haf Davies and Alexia Pope WG Youth
Ellen O’Brien, Izzy Kavanagh and Lilly Parle WG Youth