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In celebration of National Volunteer Week 2019 we'd like to say a massive thank you to Sarah Twose for everything that she does for us here at Welsh Gymnastics. 

Sarah is a Women's Artistic Brevet Judge and WAG National Judging Convener, judging at all levels of competition to ensure the Women's Artistic structure in Wales exists. Not only that, she is a representative on the Women's Technical Panel and shares her expertise with people at all levels.

She tutors courses, recently held an artistic judging evening to promote judging to the community, recruits new people to the network and often shares insight into the pathway and opportunities. Sarah is prolific on the Women's Technical page and answers hundreds of technical questions and queries. Phew! We sat down with her to find out a little bit more: 

Hi Sarah. How did you first get involved in gymnastics?

I first started gymnastics aged 6 in a local leisure centre and loved it! 

What does your role as volunteer entail?                  

I am a brevet WAG judge, and I volunteer my time to judge for my club and for Wales/Great Britain. I have been the judging convenor as part of Welsh Gymnastics WTC and now the Women's Technical Panel for many years. 

How long have you been a volunteer?

Since I started judging aged 15, so a long time! 

What has been your gymnastics highlight?

There have been so many... Achieving my international judging brevet which was an ambition of mine, judging the inter-island games on Anglesey which was the friendliest and most inclusive competition I have ever been part of. Representing Wales at internationals and GB at the World Cup, making lifelong friends along the way ... and just seeing gymnasts/coaches/judges, at all levels, achieving and enjoying gymnastics with smiles on their faces.

"I love gymnastics because… 

Gymnastics is an amazing sport and community to be part of, I just love it!"