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A year after the launch of our volunteer initiative GymVol in 2018, there have been just under 200 people joining the scheme as an event volunteers and a further 200 coming on board as judges, with the majority volunteering multiple times!

The initiative was launched to support and develop volunteers who continue to give up their time to make our competitions and events amazing experiences for gymnasts across Wales.

As we round off the end of National Volunteer Week 2019, we would love to welcome new volunteers into the Welsh Gymnastics fold who might like to become more involved in the sport. 

This year, our busiest event volunteer was Ella Gaynor from Cardiff Central Youth Club who helped out at eight different events, and our most frequent judge was Christine Hewlett from Penarth who participated at a whopping nine competitions. Thank you both for your massive contributions this year!

The volunteers’ pathway is a program addressed to all leaders, former or current gymnasts, coaches or club volunteers that would like to have opportunities be part of the WG competition and event team.

The scheme follows two sets of volunteers:

  • Event Volunteers
  • Judges

What we offer:

  • Active roles to support the Welsh Gymnastics competition and events
  • Opportunity to learn how event management works
  • Gaining experience
  • References
  • Incentives
  • Lots of fun!

Our volunteers are given a reward card to collect stamps at each competition and event they attend in their GymVol capacity, and receive rewards for hitting milestones in their volunteering. One full event = one stamp!

The opportunity is available to sport leaders, volunteers and judges aged 13 and over. This year, the age range of our volunteers varied from 13-84 so there is something for everyone!

New members can be nominated at any competition or event by their club, and there is no deadline to finish the programme.

If you'd like to know more or to join the GymVol initiative, please get in touch with the Welsh Gymnastics team.