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National Coaching Week is coming to a close and we couldn't round off the week without thanking the wonderful Raer Theaker. Raer is a Women's Artistic Coach here at Welsh Gymnastics and a fantastic example of a gymnast passing on their expertise and progressing to coaching level.  

Raer's been involved in gymnastics since she was six years old and was an elite gymnast until her retirement in 2016. She was in Wales' bronze medal-winning Women's Artistic team at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, and has represented Great Britain internationally.

For that reason and so many others, she is a brilliant coach to our young gymnasts who brings a wealth of experience to the role and we can't thank her enough for her help this year!

Hi Raer. How did you first get involved in gymnastics?

"I started gymnastics when I was 6 - I had so much energy so my mum put me into gymnastics as she thought it was a good place to burn all of the excitement off."

What does your role as coach entail?    

"Guiding the gymnasts to reach their potential, and sharing tips with them that I found handy when I was learning."

How long have you been a coach?

"I've been coaching now for 3 years."

What is the best thing about being a coach?

"Seeing the gymnasts smile when they have competed a clean routine or a new skill!"

What has been your gymnastics highlight?

"Transitioning from a gymnast to a coach and seeing how different it is from the other side."

“I love gymnastics because…

It is so unique compared to any other sports, and it challenges you on a daily basis."