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UK Coaching have announced that our very own national gymnastics coach, Olivia Bryl, will be amongst 15 other coaches welcomed onto its 2019-2020 Women into High Performance programme.

Olivia was identified by British Gymnastics as being eligible to apply for the signature programme, which supports female coaches who have the potential to transition into high-performance coaching.

Olivia reflects on what it means to her to be the best coach: “The best thing about being a coach is seeing our gymnasts achieve their goals through the enjoyment of the sport, and the happiness that this brings them! Gymnastics is a very tough sport and like all sports, it comes with a rollercoaster of a journey, but it makes those 'highs' even more special.”

She goes on to expresses how grateful she is to be a part of this programme: "I am so thankful to have been chosen to join the Women into High-Performance programme, and look forward to listening to coaches from other sports to get an insight into how they work. I am certain that the programme will give me a fantastic opportunity to accelerate my development and improve my skills.”

Coaches from eight different sports will come together for a total of four seminars to develop their skills, behaviours and knowledge to thrive and flourish within the high-performance environment.

UK Coaching’s Development Lead Officer for Talent and Performance, Chris Chapman, said: "We are really pleased to welcome a new cohort of coaches on the programme. The quality of applications from governing bodies of sport has risen once again, and the addition of gymnastics as a new sport to the Women into High-Performance family will further add to the cross-sport learning and sharing opportunities for the coaches. We believe that a diverse coaching workforce further enhances athletes’ experiences and we look forward to working with this talented group of coaches as they transition into high-performance coaching."

We wish you great success, Olivia!