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A parent’s role extends from securing access to the right training and coaching, to offering emotional and strategic support pre- and post-competition, as well as being there for the competition itself. 

We met with Commonwealth gymnast, Josh Cook and his mum, Nikki Cook, to discuss how they support Josh on his journey as a young athlete. 

Hi both. Firstly, could you tell us how Josh' love for gymnastics began? 

Sport on an elite pathway requires dedication and commitment; aside from providing funding and transport for training, how did you support Josh emotionally pre-competition? 

How did you support Josh if/when he received feedback on areas that he needed to improve on? 

Teenage years are probably one of the most difficult times in our lives; I can image a lot of your time was dedicated to training - how did you ensure a good school-training-social life balance? 

Finally, what has been your proudest moment as a parent? 

You can find more information on supporting talented young athletes by heading over to the CPSU website.