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This week, we're celebrating the world of Aerobic Gymnastics

Learn how to incorporate a high V, helicopter and a frame to your routines courtesy of our friends at Phoenix Gymnastics Club.

Laura James, head coach at Phoenix Dance & Gymnastics, explains how this high-energetic discipline is broken down into three main areas - Skills, AMP (aerobic movement patterns) and Transitions:

"Skills are selected out of the four Element Pools – A: Dynamic Strength – B: Static Strength – D: Jumps & Leaps and C: Balance and Flexibility and performed as part of the routine. As the most energetic of all the disciplines, Aerobic is a definite crowd-pleaser and just as enjoyable to watch as it is to perform!"

Great advice - thanks, Laura!

Why not share with us your routines this week using one of the moves in the video? Tag us on Instagram (@welshgymnastics) with the hashtag #aerobic for a repost on our stories!