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This year, the National Gymspire finals were held in the West at Llanelli Gymnastics Club. The atmosphere was electric with clubs from across Wales coming together to enjoy Gymnastics.

It was heart-warming to see young gymnasts making new friends and supporting competing clubs in their area. Coaches and young leaders also came together, sharing the great work going on at their clubs - it was truly a Gymnastics family affair.

We caught up with the host, Lisa Bennett, from Llanelli Gymnastics Club, who expressed how well received the competition was within the community:

“We are proud to be hosting this exciting event. The local community, from parents to grandparents, have been so supportive in the run-up to the competition.

It is amazing to see so many clubs uniting for the same purpose, and more overwhelmingly the sheer number of parents coming along to support.

The competition has grown immensely and it's great to have a competition for lower level gymnasts, and we can’t thank Welsh Gymnastics enough for their support in organising the competition.”

Eleri Thomas, from Bangor Gymnastics Club, described the competition as a “massive opportunity" for their gymnasts. She went on:

“Our gymnasts only compete 2hrs a week, so this competition is a great opportunity for our gymnasts to experience the competition environment. Plus, they love to travel down to competitions and visit new areas of Wales!”







The event also highlighted some great achievements from our Workforce community. Dyfed, from Eryri Gymnastics Club, celebrated his 5th time volunteering through the GymVol scheme. Travelling down from North Wales, Dyfed has been involved in gymnastics for 3 years alongside his day job.

Tiegan Edwards (15), one of our youngest judges at the competition, used a knee injury as a motivator to venture into other areas of gymnastics. Tiegan used to compete in Artistic gymnastics at St Tydfil's Gymnastics Club, and undertook a coaching course at Welsh Gymnastics following her injury:

“As I could no longer perform to my best ability, coaching and judging gave me a purpose and allowed me to use my spare time wisely. I didn’t want to leave the world of gymnastics, so I decided to use my injury as a motivator to stay in the sport.”

She went on to explain how gymnastics gives her something to do in her spare time:

“It is really nice to feel that I have something to do outside of school and more importantly, to go somewhere I feel safe doing something I love!”

Our competitions would not become a reality without the help and support of our volunteers. Welsh Gymnastics cannot thank our incredible volunteers enough and look forward to driving these initiatives into 2020 and beyond.