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Welsh Gymnastics are seeking a new training facility after facing closure in Trade Street

As many of you will be aware, Welsh Gymnastics has been utilising a building in Trade Street, Cardiff for training and competition purposes for some years, but the current company, who are the Landlords, have recently gone into administration. Our lease on the building is shortly to expire and while we continue to negotiate with the administrators, there has been no clear guidance that a further extension or new lease will be offered. In the light of this, the Management Board have set up a small "working group" to review the options available to Welsh Gymnastics regarding a training facility should the Trade Street building no longer be available.

Welsh Gymnastics recognises the importance of this potential new venue to accommodate the long-term requirements of the sport in growing the opportunities for all disciplines. Our mission is to develop and nurture talented gymnasts with a high-specification facility to train.

As we continue to contact both Local Authorities and Commercial Landlords, we urge you to get in contact should you know of a suitable venue that could meet our requirements as follows:

  • Within easy access of the M4 corridor.
  • An approximate 1,400 square metre/15,000 square feet venue with a roof height of at least 10 metres, but preferably 14 metres to accommodate rhythmic gymnastics.
  • While the above is ideal, consideration would be given to slightly smaller spaces (minimum 600 sq.m/6,500 sq.ft, 30 x 20M), so please don't discount a location if it is not exactly as above.
  • A minimum period for a leasing agreement would be 5 years but the Management Board are prepared to consider all options if a suitable location can be found.

If you have any ideas/thoughts on a possible location that could be considered, then please contact Sally Church (the Board member leading on the project) or Malcolm Stammers on the e-mail addresses below.

Sally Church    

Malcolm Stammers

Welsh Gymnastics are incredibly grateful for your support during this important time.