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As we approach the start of October, we would like to thank the clubs that have worked hard to provide a safe return to gymnastics for many.

We appreciate the time and due diligence that is required in order to respond to the regulations and are proud of how gymnastics has adapted during this ever-changing environment.

We would also like to remind all clubs and members of the Welsh Government indoor sport regulations and that Welsh Gymnastics guidelines remain.

Key points are:

  • Clubs are now able to utilise the UK Active formula (100 sqft per person) to calculate their capacity.
  • Anyone aged 11 and over must wear face coverings until they are taking part in exercise or strenuous activity. For exemptions, please read here.
  • Coaches must wear face coverings unless completing exercise or strenuous activity; it is particularly important to avoid wearing a mask whilst performing activities that will cause perspiration (exemptions above).
  • Social distancing is always required.
  • Cleaning and hygiene protocols must remain.
  • Where a club is located within a local lockdown area, they must adhere to the local regulations. Travelling to and from a lockdown area for amateur sport activities is not permissible.

If you have a query regarding the Welsh Gymnastics guidelines, or would like to raise a concern, please email: