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Welsh Gymnastics’ response to the Welsh Government easing of restrictions: Responding to the Welsh Government’s roadmap out of lockdown that was shared at the First Minister’s announcement today (01.04.21):

“Welsh Gymnastics are hugely disappointed at the timeframes given for returning to indoor activity in Wales. Welsh Gymnastics support the statement made by the Welsh Sports Association and call for Welsh Government to reconsider the timeframe for returning to indoor sport.

“Whilst we appreciate that there are tough decisions for government to take as we ease the necessary restrictions created by Covid-19, Welsh Gymnastics feel strongly that physical activity of children and young people in a safe indoor environment should be able to happen sooner than the proposed date of May 17th. All available evidence suggests leisure facilities do not appear to increase risk of infection.

“Our sport is predominantly children and young people who are now able to access other environments with less restrictions, however they are not able to access their gymnastics club where social distancing is possible. Clubs have worked tirelessly to implement strict protocols to ensure that they are as safe as possible for all involved.”

Michelle Fulford, CEO