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Message from Michelle Fulford, Welsh Gymnastics CEO

Welsh Gymnastics is working with British Gymnastics, the home countries, and the wider gymnastics community on an important piece of work which will identify our ambition for the future of gymnastics in the UK.

This process will compliment the work Welsh Gymnastics has already undertaken to review the current Welsh Gymnastics strategy and the projects initiated to support members in Wales.

We are grateful for those who have been involved so far with our forums and focus groups and we are looking forward to engaging with others as part of this collaboration.

Shape our Future

Today we are sharing details of our engagement approach which will help us build our new strategy for the sport and our organisation - Shape our Future.

We will be developing a new vision and strategy for the sport, with a clear focus on the environment and culture we want for gymnastics in the UK and British Gymnastics. We are working in close partnership with our colleagues and partners in all home nations to ensure we are joined up and our plans consider and reach all parts of the UK.

This will help us build on and reinforce the good things happening in the sport already, but also drive change and reform where it is needed. We are committed to learning from and implementing the findings of the Whyte Review and will incorporate these into our work once the final review is published.

There are four stages we will go through, a clear set of guiding principles we will adopt and focused outcomes we will deliver.

We are not starting with a blank canvas. A huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to share their views with us so far on how we can build a better sport. These conversations, survey responses and facilitated interviews have been hugely insightful, and we were pleased to have had over 3,500 participants in our recent culture survey.

We have heard what really matters to you, what influences great experiences in gymnastics and the behaviours you want everyone to experience. We are in advanced stages of summarising the recurring themes from a variety of sources and will be sharing these with you soon.

Our plan is to review these themes alongside inputs from other submissions, and the Whyte Review findings, and use this to inform our thinking, understanding and our actions.

We will continue to listen and involve you throughout our strategy development, checking our thinking as we go. It is certainly not too late to be involved and share your views. More information will follow in the coming weeks on how you can have your say.

Working together to Shape our Future
This vital piece of work requires us to reach out and harness the collective talent, expertise and passion of our members, stakeholders, interest groups and partners to help us address complex and deep-seated cultural issues and rebuild trust.

By working together, we can have the greatest impact and positively shape the future of the sport. We very much look forward to working with you, our community, on our new strategy and a clear roadmap for the future of gymnastics.

Sarah Powell
British Gymnastics CEO