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Helen Phillips
Chair of Welsh Gymnastics

Helen's role is...

As the figurehead of Welsh Gymnastics, providing support and supervision to the Chief Executive, senior staff and members. Helen guides and leads discussions between staff and board members to make sure the business is managed effectively as they look after strategy, finance and policy. She also takes the lead role for Safeguarding and Equality on behalf of the board.

What's keeping Helen busy:

  • Working alongside the Chief Executive, checking and challenging all areas of Welsh Gymnastics to make the experience for current and existing members better
  • Ensuring as much of the membership money and outside investment as possible reaches grassroots gymnastics and improves gold medal prospects

Gymnastics history: Helen says she was a "mediocre gymnast," who enjoyed organising events, coaching and judging more. A former Brevet Judge (eligible to adjudicate at international gymnastic events), she judged at several Commonwealth Games, and has chaired Welsh Gymnastics since 2001.

More about Helen: Her volunteering in sport includes being Non-Executive Chair of Welsh Gymnastics as well as Commonwealth Games Team Wales. Helen's a guest lecturer on governance in sport and business, and in her free time enjoys cooking and travelling.