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Jennifer Nesbitt

Jennifer Nesbitt

About FB Curves 3D Gym – and what they offer Welsh Gymnastics members

Following on from the recent announcement about our exciting new partnership with FB Curves 3D Gym, we wanted to tell you a little more about what they offer.

And, more importantly, more about what they offer Welsh Gymnastics members. As part of the partnership, Welsh Gymnastics members will receive a special 25% discount on the FB Curves 3D Gym products.

FB Curves 3D Gym supplies a learning platform that is used and approved by FIG and European Gymnastics; offering the highest quality of information to its users, it is a great learning aid for anyone involved within gymnastics.

Creators of new, modern and fun technology, the innovative products are designed to help gymnasts, coaches and judges of all abilities and levels continue to develop, analyse, learn and understand gymnastics.

3D Gym WOMEN & 3D Gym MEN Applications

The complete ‘FIG Code of Points’ is included on these applications. With every single gymnastics element designed in powerful 3D animation it lets the user analyse the performance, technique, body positions and angles required for performance.

Every animation lets the user have 360 degree viewing, speed and direction controls, opacity control for optimum understanding. The applications have a powerful search engine to find elements with ease, there is an intuitive quiz to develop your knowledge on element values and groups and now each app has a ‘D Score Start Value’ Calculator included. It really is a powerful learning aid to help you develop on your gymnastic journey.

Usual price £28 Welsh Gymnastics members price £21 per year/per user
Contact to take advantage of this offer!

Deduction Vide Library

The gymnastics scoring system is complex, difficult to understand and often leads to misunderstanding in performance and execution. The ‘Deduction Video Library’ on the FB Curves website is designed to help gymnasts and coaches understand the scoring system in detail and help increase performance through understanding, it is designed to help judges continue to develop and progress and it is designed to help the gymnastics community have a more clear understanding of our sport. Used by FIG experts and the European Gymnastics Technical Committees it is proving to be a go to reference for learning and development. With over 160 informative animations in the library they keep adding new information every month covering all aspects of the judging code. The program covers both WAG and MAG gymnastics.

Usual price £120 Welsh Gymnastics members price £75 per year/per user
Contact to take advantage of this offer!

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