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We are committed to the principles and practices of equality of opportunity to all. Our aim is to provide a safe and inclusive sport where everyone can reach their own personal podium. Equality, diversity and inclusion should be considered within all levels and aspects of our sport to create opportunities for everyone to have an opportunity and benefit from what our sport had to offer.  

If your aim is to compete at the Olympics Games or Commonwealth games or achieve a somersault or flic, take part in competitions or festivals, or enjoy taking part in fun activities with your friends’ gymnastics has something for everyone.  

The aim of developing an inclusive sport is identified within our strategy. 

Welsh Gymnastics recognise that to truly deliver on our aim for everyone to feel included and receive a positive experience within our sport our plans must take into account every level of the organisation.  

Welsh Gymnastics Board Equality, Diversity and Inclusion plan  

Our Key objective within our organisational plan is to:  

  • The organisational policies and procedures positively create the foundations for challenging and embedding equality, diversity and inclusion   
  • Create opportunities across the pathway for individuals to participate and compete  
  • Identify and remove any barriers to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce within our communities  
  • Use our standing within the community and digital platforms to highlight inequalities and share positives practices taking place across wales  

 In recognition of the work that has been taking place to make our sport inclusive for all Welsh Gymnastics have been successful in achieving the intermediate equality standard and the Silver level of the Disability Sport Wales inSport accreditation whilst 7 clubs across Wales have been awarded the inSport Gold accreditation and 60 further clubs on the inSport pathway.

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