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New membership system launched. Please utilise the link below to complete your membership.

If you require any support there is a ‘contact support’ button within the platform or please watch the video below. Once you’ve accessed your profile please add an individual membership for the person who requires membership.

Member PriceWho is the membership for?Require Training
£19 BronzeRecreational Gymnast 
Club Official 
Sport Leaders 
Safeguarding and Wellbeing Officer 
Support Services 
Second Adult 
DBS (16+),SPC 
DBS (16+), SPC 
£43 SilverCompetitive (Pathway and Performance) Gymnast 
Assistant Coaches 
£78 GoldCoaches
Activity Instructor
National/Brevet Judges

New Members following the link above:

1.Click the link above to create an account this can be created as a parent or for your child. If you initially created an account for parent and you need membership for your child(ren) when asked ‘Is the account for you?’ click no.

2.When asked to select a profile if the membership isn’t for you click ‘add a new profile’ and enter your child’s name and date of birth.

3.Once you’ve entered the platform you should immediately be able to complete your child’s membership. Please check the top of the pop out the ensure it says ‘CHILD NAME – Individual Membership’.

2. If you have another child or do not have a pop out please go to ‘Members’ or ‘My Members’ on your menu or homepage.

3. Click ‘Add an individual member.’ Please ensure that you are adding a new individual membership to the person who requires the membership.

3.Click ‘Add’ once you have completed the instructions.

4. If you are paying for your membership please progress to checkout. If you have paid your club please click add and inform your club.

Welsh Gymnastics – Member Tutorials – How to take out Individual Membership on Vimeo (

Renewing your membership:

Follow the Sport80 link: Welsh Gymnastics | Login (

The email address to use will be the same as what was previously used for British Gymnastics membership.

  • Click forgot password and follow the instructions on how to reset your account password.
  • You will then be able to log in to your account and start the membership renewal

1. Once logged in please visit ‘My Members’ on the Homepage

2. In the ‘My Members’ section you will see each of your child(ren) memberships.

3. Click on the child you would like to renew

4. Click on their membership status i.e. ‘lapsed’

5. Follow the instructions to input details and complete payment

Creating new membership (for those who have never had British Gymnastics Membership)

Follow the Sport80 link: Sport:80 | Investing in Sport (

Click the ‘Join Now’ link in under the Individual Membership heading.

1.First go to the platform and create an account. This will be for the person who manages the profile.

2. Once logged in please visit ‘My Members’ on the Homepage

3. Click add new – add a new member

4. Follow the instructions to input details and complete payment – where it asks for certifier name and position this is the name of the individual completing the membership and their relationship to the member

Start your gymnastics journey, become a member.

Be part of the amazing sport that is gymnastics. Gymnastics has a place for everyone and Welsh Gymnastics’ supports people interested, currently active or looking to re-join the sport across Wales. As a member you will have access to affiliated clubs and activity across Wales. You will be able to access discounts, member-only opportunities, insurance, and the support you need to have the best experience.

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