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Any member of our organisation working with children, young people or adults at risk who meet the eligibility criteria are required to complete a criminal record check and our recognised safeguarding training. The initial safeguarding training which is valid for 3 years must be face to face / virtual class room workshop and delivered by a recognised training organisation. 

Welsh Gymnastics currently recognise the following safeguarding training courses:  

  • UK coaching face to face and virtual class room safeguarding and protecting children full course either generic or gymnastics specific 
  • All Wales safeguarding board endorsed courses  
  • The FA courses  

The following refresher courses are also accepted following the initial training  

  • British Gymnastics online refresher for safeguarding children in gymnastics   
  • All Wales safeguarding boards endorsed courses  
  • UK coaching renewal of safeguarding and protecting children  
  • The FA online safeguarding  
  • NSPCC refresher  

Certificates of attendance need to be provided and attached to your members for the course to be accredited. 

All current courses are available to book on here  

More information about courses available from Welsh and British Gymnastics and other training and support in relation to safeguarding and wellbeing below.  

Courses for safeguarding and wellbeing for young leaders and under 18 

13+ Safeguarding course As an add on to the young leader course Welsh Gymnastics offers a 13+ safeguarding and awareness course which helps the young leaders understand safeguarding in a gymnastics context, their roles in the club and how to escalate concerns. 
 Latest Courses
Wellbeing workshop for young leaders  This online virtual classroom-based course provides the young leader with information on personal resilience, building confidence and an insight into coping strategies and mindfulness  
Wellbeing Workshop for Young Leaders ( 
Intro to mental health awareness for young leaders  This virtual classroom based course is aimed at young leader aged 11 – 17 and will give young leaders an insight into what mental health is, how to recognise poor and positive mental health, the pro’s and con’s of everyday stress and how to apply coping strategies should the stress become too much. You will also explore brilliant organisations who can offer help and guidance should you feel you need it.  
Intro to… Mental Health Awareness for Young Leaders ( 
Foundation safeguarding and protecting children course  This course is designed for 16-17 year old learners and offers a great opportunity to gain an introductory overview into the concepts of safeguarding.  
You will discover the importance of safeguarding through a variety of engaging interactive activities and films. You will identify the support available to you and the procedures that are in place to ensure and safe and secure environment.  
This course can be completed from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere with an internet connection.  
Many of our learners have responsibilities within a club environment, are coaches working towards their UKCC Level 1 qualification, are gymnasts, or are involved with gymnastics.  
Once learners turn 18 years old, they must attend a full safeguarding course. 
Foundation Safeguarding ( 
Safeguarding and Protecting Children (16 – 17)  This online classroom, developed in partnership with the Child Protection Sport Unit (CPSU) of the NSPCC, has been created specifically for coaches aged 16 to 18 years old. 
The course is created by specialists in child welfare and is written and delivered with the safety of the young coach in mind throughout. It covers all the appropriate content to support younger coaches to recognise safeguarding and child protection best practice as an important part of your great coaching journey. As a young leader or assistant coach, you will discover how to report any concerns you may have, and who you can report your concerns to. Safeguarding your own welfare as a coach is just as important, so this online classroom will also provide information on who you can talk to and get support from. 
Safeguarding & Protecting Children 16 – 18 (Online Classroom) – UK Coaching 

Safeguarding and Wellbeing courses for 18+  

Safeguarding and protecting children  Every child deserves to enjoy playing sport and engaging in physical activity in a safe and supportive environment, where they feel heard, understood, and valued. 
This interactive face-to-face workshop will help you recognise and respond to concerns a child may be experiencing, or be at risk of experiencing, harm, neglect, or abuse. 
You will learn the importance of person-centred care and taking an individualised approach to your coaching practice, that puts the child or young person at the heart of every session. 
More than half a million coaches have been through our Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop (which launched in 1995), enabling them to provide a positive and enriching experience of physical activity and sport for all children. 
UK Coaching works in partnership with the NSPCC and CPSU to regularly review and develop the course content and materials to ensure the learning content, guidance and delivery is current. 
The course can be attended by all those responsible for organising and delivering gymnastics (eg coaches, leaders, judges, welfare officers, club roles, volunteers and parents).  
Latest Courses
Safeguarding refresher courses (2022)  You will revisit, update and refresh your knowledge of safeguarding and child protection. Specifically what signs to recognise that could be indicators that a child is at risk of harm, and how to respond and who you should approach to communicate any concerns you have. 
The differences between safeguarding and child protection. 
The current legislation and good practices that apply to working with children. 
How to recognise concerns and signs of abuse. 
The benefits and risks of digital communications. 
Decision making and process for reporting concerns. 
Safeguarding Children in Gymnastics (2022 refresher) ( 

Club Welfare Officer Training and support   

Time to ListenThis interactive virtual course, developed by the NSPCC’s Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU), will support you in your role as a club welfare officer and help to further develop your understanding of child protection and safeguarding within a gymnastics environment. 
This course is designed to support you and your club in the safeguarding and protection of children. You will learn about the policies and procedures in place, and the different roles and responsibilities of everyone contributing towards the safeguarding of children. 
You will be guided through a variety of exercises and activities in order to develop the skills necessary to implement best practice in your club. 
You will already have completed a Safeguarding and Protecting Children (SPC) workshop before attending this course.
Latest Courses
Safeguarding forums and national training  Welsh Gymnastics run a series of virtual and face to face local and national forums to bring welfare officers together to provide training, support, share best practice and build support networks.  
Latest Courses
CWO inductions and support meetings When new welfare officers start in their role, we offer the club welfare officer induction training in their environment. The idea of this training is to support what the welfare officer has learnt on the safeguarding and time to listen courses and support them to implement this information in their clubs. This will also introduce the welfare officer to the Welsh Gymnastics safeguarding team and how we can work together whilst in post.  
Meet the Team

Mental Health and Adults and Risk Training and information  

St Johns Mental Health Awareness  This training is suitable for those who want to gain an overview of mental health in the workplace, how to spot the signs and how to help. Being able to discuss mental health could help ease concerns before they escalate. Delegates should be aged over 18. 
On completion of training you will receive a certificate valid for 3 years. Two months prior to expiry you will get notification regarding re-qualification. You can then attend a refresher course.
Latest Course
Mental health Awareness  The Introduction to Mental Health Awareness webinar runs for around 75 minutes and is designed to start raising awareness of mental health. 
It covers what mental health is and how to challenge stigma and gives participants a basic knowledge of some common mental health issues and conditions. It enables people the foresight into looking after their own mental health, maintaining wellbeing and how to manage stress along with some helpful coping strategies. The session will also cover some further support you can access following the session. 
• Understand factors that may affect mental health 
• Define mental health and some mental health issues 
• Have a better understanding of how to look after yourself 
• Feel more confident in starting mental health conversations 
• Understand how to access further support 
Introduction to Mental Health Awareness ( 
Latest Courses
Adults at Risk  This eLearning is aimed at anyone who interacts with adults in our sport, whether those adults are participants or colleagues. 
If you are a Welfare Officer, Safeguarding lead, club or facility manager, coach, official or volunteer, this eLearning will raise your awareness of your responsibilities to create a safe environment for adults. 
• Explain the principals of safeguarding adults and why we need to safeguard adults in sport and physical activity. 
• Identify who an adult at risk may be and apply the principles of safeguarding adults at risk. 
• Recognise the signs, symptoms, and indictors of abuse. 
• State the different types of abuse adults face. 
• Demonstrate understanding of how to identify and deal with the possible abuse, disclosures, and allegations. 

Adults at risk (  

Additional courses for wider positive club environment

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