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What to expect in gymnastics?  

Gymnastics is made up of a number of different gymnastics disciplines, and you can take part either for fun, health and wellbeing reasons, recreationally or competitively. Regardless of the age or ability that your child takes part, you should expect your child to have a safe and fun sessions delivered by a suitable qualified coach.   

Affiliated Clubs

All the clubs featured on our website are affiliated to Welsh Gymnastics and follow our minimum standards and policies. This includes every club having a nominated Welfare Officer and staff appropriately trained and DBS checked. A club will have their own policies for their specific environment that should be accessible to you as a parent / gymnast but also any register club is also bound by the Welsh and British Gymnastics policies:

1.Safeguarding Policies

2.Compliance Policies

Safeguarding FAQ’s for parents and gymnasts

Supporting Competitive Gymnasts

Gymnastics has a lot that it can offer individuals, it can be learning new skills, challenging yourself, making friends or just taking part in activities. One of the many aspects of our sport is that it gives gymnasts an opportunity to compete and demonstrate their skills against others. Sometimes Gymnastics can be challenging, so we have put together some quick points to help parents support their gymnastics

Supporting Competitive Gymnasts

Support for gymnasts

There are many ways you can access support if needed. You should always have a positive experience whilst fulfilling your potential. We've put together some tools and advice to ensure you know what behaviours are not acceptable within the sport and what support is available for you.

Support for gymnasts


Clean Sport

Welsh Gymnastics condemns, and is totally opposed to, the use of performance enhancing drugs and doping practices in the sport and fully supports the position of the International Olympic Committee, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), UK Anti-Doping against the use of banned substances and methods. All Gymnasts have the right to compete in sport knowing that they, and their competitors, are clean.

Clean Sport / Anti-Doping

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