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Access Gymnastics 

Welsh Gymnastics’ vision is to create great communities and champions through gymnastics. The Access Gymnastics Bursary aims to alleviate financial concern to support members of Welsh Gymnastics to continue participating in their clubs and gymnastics; or support clubs to develop new provision where gymnastics would not be accessible without financial support. All current individual members and clubs can apply for the gymnastics bursary. The amount of bursary that can be awarded is assessed on a case-by-case basis and will not normally exceed £250 for individuals and £500 for clubs. Please see notes for application below for more details. Our work to ensure gymnastics is accessible and affordable has two strands:  

  • Access for gymnasts provides financial assistance to Welsh Gymnastics members to help them to continue participating or competing in gymnastics, to help life changing gymnastics projects for people who feel they could make a difference to people or participants, that would not happen without support to begin a project.   
  • Whether you are a member of Welsh Gymnastics and are struggling to continue with your passion for participating in gymnastics, or you are in real need of a kick-start to make a life-changing difference, Welsh Gymnastics can help.  

Bursary Application  

Our ‘Access Gymnastics’ initiative aims to provide more opportunities for Welsh Gymnastics’ members to continue to be involved in gymnastics without financial stress or where finance may make accessing gymnastics more difficult. All current individual members and clubs can apply for funding including gymnasts, parents, coaches, directors and volunteers.  

Applications are taken at three points throughout the year, January, May and November. 

Funding is limited to £5,000 in total for the year and requests can be for as little as £20, but grants awarded will not usually exceed £500. Individual-max £250, club-max £500 

Examples of funding:  

  • Gymnastics fees for parents who may have had a change in circumstance  
  • Support for gymnast to attend squad (please note that there is a separate Performance Bursary, which individuals in a Welsh/British Squad may be eligible to apply for) 
  • Start-up costs for project in areas of deprivation  


  • Must have current membership of Welsh Gymnastics  
  • All sections of the application must be completed via the online form 
  • The application must be endorsed by a club official, educational or health professional  
  • This bursary is not meant as an annual funding source; rather, a temporary support for individuals/clubs. We therefore can only accept one application per person/club every year 
  • Proof of purchases may be provided after 3 months  

Please complete the online form – 

If you would prefer to complete a paper form, please contact 

Your form will be considered by the Welsh Gymnastics Equality Panel and a decision communicated one week after applications close at the end of the month. 

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