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What is a criminal record check  

Criminal records check are more communally know as DBS checks. These are checks depending on the level of check will use local and national intelligence held by the police and the disclosures and barring service to provide information for the organisation to decide if the individual is suitable to work in their environment.  

Types of checks  – There are 4 different level of DBS checks 

  1. A basic check  
  2. A standard check  
  3. An enhanced check  
  4. An enhanced with barred list 

Who needs a check 

Those who are aged over 16 and above and working within the gymnastics environment may be required to complete a DBS check. Deciding what level of check you are required to complete depends on the role that the individual is doing in the club and the type of contact they have with children or adults at risk.  

More information about deciding eligibility can be found here DBS eligibility guidance – GOV.UK ( 

All qualified coaches, safeguarding and wellbeing officers and any roles supervising gymnasts in Welsh Gymnastics are required to complete Enhanced DBS’s. DBS’s will need to be updated every three years.  

How can I complete a check  

Welsh Gymnastics currently use a system called Vibrant Nation for completing online DBS checks.  

  • To use the system the club first needs to appoint an individual as the document verifier, it is good practice to have two verifiers in the club as individuals are not able to verify themselves.    
  • To appoint a verifier please contact your club development officer with the name and membership details. Once they have access to the system they will be able to support the club through the process. 

Updating Service  

If an individual has signed up to the updating service, they can complete the consent form giving permission for Welsh Gymnastics to access their account to verify their DBS status.  

More information is available for within the Disclosure and Barring Service policy here.

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