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About Acrobatic Gymnastics

Acrobatic gymnastics is all about working as a team to pull off the most spectacular balances and throws. By learning as a pair or group, you can have a lot of fun developing your skills, strength and co-ordination. What better way to release your inner performer?

You’ll begin by getting to grips with the basics of gymnastics. The somersaults, twists and turns – plus a few moves you can only perform in teams of two or more. As you build your strength and technique, you’ll become part of a team and start creating show-stopping routines that you can perform together. If you want, you can even entertain the crowds at one of the competitions for your age group. Of course, you can take part just for fun and fitness if you prefer.

It’s popular with adults, teens and even boys and girls as young as five. Basically, anyone who loves to perform. And best of all, you don’t need any experience to get started.

Ready to become an acrobatic gymnast? All our clubs provide a safe, friendly environment with professional coaches to help you learn. Gymnastics can be adapted to be inclusive for everyone, regardless of your ability.

The Technical Panel are:

Competition Lead: James Thomas

Judging Lead: Matt Scott

Discipline Representative: Lisa Thomas and Alex Jones

Competition Lead: Mandy McNicholas

National Coaching Lead:  Toshko Pavlov

Staff Lead: Performance Team Member

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