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Carl Field

Carl Field

In 2019 Welsh Gymnastics piloted a new format of competition which, at the time, was called the WAG GfA and Disability grades.

The competition was a huge success and very well attended but unfortunately that success could not be mirrored for the last two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coming back after COVID gave us the opportunity to readdress our competition offer and it was decided that we would run the competition again this year – but change the name to the Annette Brown Classic.

Annette retired from her role as Head of Administration and Finance at Welsh Gymnastics in June 2020 after over 30 years of developing gymnastics in Wales and help guide and mould the sport for all our members.

Annette attended this year competition as our guest of honour and presented medals throughout the day.

This year’s competition was even better attended than the first pilot, with entries across all levels and age groups busier than ever. This year we also introduced an overall competition club winner, with gymnasts earning points with their overall positions for their clubs.

We will be working with our community members to grow our competition offer using this competition as an example of participation.

We would like to congratulate all gymnasts who took part, especially the medal and ribbon winners. A huge congratulations also goes to VGA – who won the overall Competition Club Winner of the Annette Brown Classic 2022.


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