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22nd Aug 2024 - 23rd Aug 2024

Course Details

Member Entry: £180 / Non-Member Entry: £250

Venue: Dreigiau’r Dyffryn, LL57 4YY

Tutor: Jane Sims


If you hold a UKCC Level 1 (or equivalent) in any gymnastics discipline, you will be able to assist in preschool classes developing the skills on the syllabus. If you hold a UKCC Level 2 or above (or equivalent) in any gymnastics discipline or Gymnastics Activity Instructor, you will be able to independently deliver preschool classes developing the skills on the syllabus.

On this course you will have the opportunity to understand the key developmental areas for preschool children, and the coaching strategies you can use to aid effective development in these areas.

You will also gain an understanding of how to select age-appropriate progressions, supports, communication methods and coaching behaviours to ensure preschool children develop in a safe and fun environment.

Course Structure:

Two practical days, 9-5pm. You will work with the tutor and peers to explore practical coaching strategies, methods of learning and communicating and age-appropriate skill progressions and supports. You will also have the opportunity to work with pre-school aged children.

Day 1-  22nd August 2024

Day 2- 23rd August 2024

On course assessment. You will be assessed by the tutor on the following:

– Full Attendance to practical course days.

– Engagement: Your tutor will be assessing your attention, motivation, interest and involvement in the course activities.

– Demonstration of Knowledge & Understanding: Your tutor will be assessing your knowledge and understanding of key aspect that are covered in the eLearning.

– Safe Coaching Practice: You will be expected to show safe selection of progressions, supports and coaching behaviours when you work with preschool children on-course.

You must be deemed competent in all of these areas to be deemed Fit for Practice and awarded the Preschool certificate.


Learners must be at least 18 years old on the first day of the course.

Learners must hold a UKCC Level 1 in any gymnastics discipline to be able to assist in preschool classes developing the skills on the syllabus.

Learners must hold a Level 2 in any gymnastics discipline or Activity Instructor to independently deliver pre-school classes.


– Please be mindful that spaces are allocated upon payment, your booking is NOT confirmed until payment has been made.

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