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24th Mar 2024

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  • Sunday 24th March
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Unleashing Potential: The Power of a Growth Mindset

Unleash Your Potential! Join Kirsty to unravel the fascinating concept of ‘growth’ and its powerful impact on our lives. This webinar will dive into the intriguing universe of our mindsets and shine a light on the considerable differences between ‘fixed’ and ‘growth’ paradigms. You’ll explore the possibilities of a ‘growth’ mindset and how this can be trained and honed, promoting resilience, motivation, and peak performance. Whether you’re an athlete, a coach, or a parent, this session has something for everyone. Kirsty will equip you with practical techniques to cultivate a growth mindset and explain how embracing growth can lead to personal development and success. By the end of the session, you’ll walk away with a renewed understanding of your potential and understand strategies to nurture growth, movie past obstacles, and reach your true capabilities. So, are you ready for a transformative adventure? This is more than just a webinar—it’s your roadmap to success.

About Kirsty Ledingham:

Kirsty was a competitive swimmer from the age of 7 until forced to retire due to injury. She now researches the connection between our identity and an athlete’s injury responses at Cardiff Metropolitan and Bangor University as part of her PhD. Kirsty is now in her final year of BPS QSEP Stage 2 training on her way to achieving HCPC Chartered status, which she will use to continue building Ledingham Sport Psychology to make sport psychology more accessible. Along with this impressive list of achievements, Kirsty is also a lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science at Cardiff Metropolitan University and lead Sport Psychologist at Cardiff City FA Academy.



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