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Jennifer Nesbitt

Jennifer Nesbitt

Towards the end of last year, Welsh Gymnastics had to unfortunately postpone our TeamGym South competition due to adverse weather conditions.

We quickly liaised with the venue, All Stars, to rearrange the competition, which took place on January 15th. We had lots of teams take part with gymnasts of all ages being involved – some for the first time.

This competition, being the first Welsh Gymnastics competition for this year, gave gymnasts a lot of opportunity to win medals and trophies. With execution of moves and skills being high on any coach’s agenda, the competition gave club teams the opportunity to earn trophies for themselves.

Teams were presented with a trophy for the highest execution score of vault/trampette, tumble along with the overall highest execution score of the day.

The winning team were St Tydfils Level 6 Team Elves – who hugely impressed the judges, leaving them with very little marks to deduct. Well done to some of our youngest gymnasts and congratulations to their coach Jaz.

Throughout the competition, teams were able to gain points with their podium finishes.

Each podium finish was assigned points, which were added to clubs’ totals throughout the competition and the club with the most points – and therefore most podium places – was presented with a trophy for club of the competition.

This trophy was presented to Planet Sport and Community. Well done to all gymnasts and coaches.
We will be holding more TeamGym competitions throughout the year… keep an eye on our social media for further details!

If you would like to be involved in helping or volunteering at any of our competitions please get in touch by emailing 

We are also looking to expand our TeamGym offer to the Welsh Gymnastics community and, with this in mind, we would like to hear your feedback via our brief competition feedback survey.

Your answers are anonymous and will be handled confidentially.

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