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Welsh Gymnastics’ goal is to get even more members and participants enjoying quality gymnastics. We understand the importance in helping create opportunities for children and young people to access gymnastics and our work with leisure centres and schools across Wales is vital to this. We aim to provide our schools and leisure partners the necessary support and resources to enable them to let gymnastics thrive within their setting.

To find out more about our schools or leisure provider offer please follow the page links.

Leisure Partnership Work

The Leisure Centre Programme is designed to enable, encourage and actively support Leisure Services to register their recreational gymnastic programmes with British & Welsh Gymnastics. Working in partnership, British & Welsh Gymnastics aims to add significant value to the programmes of leisure providers through two clear shared aims:

  1. Raising standards of provision

Promoting and recommending appropriate policies, procedures, guidelines and resources. Providing examples, case studies and up-to-date information regarding minimum, best, and market leading practice.

  1. Increasing participation

Facilitating CPD and coach education needs. Support with marketing including BG branded promotional material. Offering and developing practical tool kits aimed at maximising resources such as time, space and coaches.

Benefits to partners of British Gymnastics

  • Fully recognised and endorsed programme by the NGB for Gymnastics in the UK and can be promoted and marketed as such.
  • Centres can access all of the support that BG as a governing body can offer such as development, legal, operational and technical services.
  • Access and inclusion in local and National WG competitions & events, club networking and LTAD pathways.
  • All coaches are insured through British & Welsh Gymnastic

For more information or become a partner please contact

School Partnership Work


Welsh Gymnastics works closely with the Welsh Schools Gymnastics Association to provide competitive opportunities for children of all levels and abilities across Wales. Information regarding the competitive opportunities can be found via the schools handbook. If you have any questions or would like to find out more please email


Age groups have changes.

You can move as many students as you would like up one age group for all 2021-2022 schools gymnastics competitions providing they are from the same school to encourage more participation after these turbulent times.

For example, year 7 & 8 students can move from U13 to U16 in the Milano competition but cannot move to U19.

In the Floor and Vault/ Acro / Tumble competitions, you can move as many year 7-9 students as you wish from U14 to U19.

This rule is only currently for the 2021-2022 academic year to give as many students as possible the opportunity to compete.

Full details of all competition rules can be found in the BSGA 2021-2022 Handbook.