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Jennifer Nesbitt

Jennifer Nesbitt

Following the outstanding summer success at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, the omission of Rhythmic Gymnastics from the competition programme for Victoria 2026, as announced last week by the Commonwealth Games Federation, is extremely disappointing.

The news has come as a shock for the Rhythmic Technical Panel in Wales as well as the wider Rhythmic community of Commonwealth Games nations, including gymnasts and coaches alike.

It potentially has damaging implications for women’s and girls’ participation in sport with the next generation of aspiring Rhythmic gymnasts across Wales, inspired by Gemma Frizelle’s brilliant gold medal winning performance in Birmingham, now not getting the opportunity to follow in her footsteps.

We are collaborating with British Gymnastics and Scottish Gymnastics to understand the impact on the future of the discipline in the Commonwealth Games. And, whilst Rhythmic Gymnastics isn’t in the Games in 2026, there is a desire to explore the possibility of a Commonwealth Championship with the other rhythmic nations. We are passionate, determined and motivated to continue to drive the discipline forward, securing a great future for everyone participating in Rhythmic Gymnastics in Wales.

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