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Chris McLarnon

Independent Board Member

Chris’ role is…

To support the Board in leading and governing successful gymnastics for all across Wales, through more effective digital collaboration.

What’s keeping Chris busy:

  • Making sure he is up to date on the latest developments in how social media is safely and most effectively exploited.
  • Using this knowledge so we may advocate as widely as possible for Welsh Gymnastics.

Gymnastics history: While having no previous experience in gymnastics, Chris recognises the physical and mental health benefits of such a challenging sport. From playing football as a schoolboy or while at Cardiff University, through to being captain of Royal Navy basketball teams, Chris continues to be passionate about taking part in sport and in supporting it for the benefit of our communities. Chris still runs regularly and hill walks whenever he can.

More about Chris: Chris is a former Naval Officer who served at sea and in Iraq with the Royal Marines. Having now spent 10 years in industry delivering cutting edge technological solutions to clients in the Defense, Intelligence and Financial Services sectors, and with two teenage children armed with iPhones and laptops, he understands just how complex and competitive communicating successfully in the digital age can be.

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