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India Marshall

Education & Training Officer

India started at Welsh Gymnastics in September 2023 as Training and Education Officer.

Her role involves organising all things courses, workshops, and training.

In her own words: “Knowledge is power, and this is the attitude I am bringing into the role to provide opportunity for growth and development within the community.”

However India’s journey in the sport began in artistic gymnastics at the age of four, but soon found her love in trampoline gymnastics at aged seven and which she has experienced many ups and downs in over the years (pun intended!).

She is also an active coach, alongside training and competing. India’s highlight to date was achieving individual and team gold at the 2016 Junior Commonwealth Championships in Namibia with Team Wales.

Aside from trampolining, India has a BSc and an MSc, and loves a good book. She is also very passionate about female health and empowerment and enjoys raising awareness and furthering her own knowledge on the topic.

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