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Jennifer Nesbitt

Jennifer Nesbitt

Welsh Gymnastics is delighted to announce an exciting new one-year partnership with world-renowned FB Curves 3D Gym.

The innovative and fully animated FB Curves 3D Gym video app was developed by former Welsh international gymnast Kris Horrigan and his business partner Fabien Bougas – himself a former French international gymnast.

Endorsed by European Gymnastics and FIG Education, it is a unique learning and development tool that allows artistic gymnasts, coaches, and judges to explore and understand every gymnastic element in detail.

It is designed to help with analysis, visualization and understanding of gymnastics, as well as continued development for your gymnastics journey – no matter what level you are.

The app includes zoom functions, 360-degree rotation and speed variation so that each movement can be studied in detail, all at the control of the user. There is also an intuitive quiz for code knowledge and a start value calculator for routine creation aide.

As part of the partnership, Welsh Gymnastics members will receive a special 25% discount on the FB Curves 3D Gym products – both the men’s and women’s artistic applications and ‘Deduction Video’ Library on their web site.

“We are excited to be working with FB Curves to bring this benefit to the members,” said Welsh Gymnastics Performance Director Jo Coombs.

“The men’s artistic performance team have been utilising this product for a number of years; it is a fantastic tool for coaches, judges and gymnasts to help enhance learning and understanding of each skill within the men’s and women’s artistic code of points – in both easy to understand language and visual imagery.”

Kris Horrigan, Managing Director of FB Curves 3D Gym, said: “We are very happy and excited to offer the Welsh Gymnastics community this very special members offer.”

“The continued development of our technology, applications and programs is providing powerful, visual information for gymnasts, coaches, and judges at all levels.”

“We are looking forward to helping Welsh Gymnastics members.”

To find out more about FB Curves 3D Gym, visit their website, or check them out on social media.

To take advantage of this special members offer just contact Kris by e-mail on or by telephone 07758 159609 with your Welsh Gymnastics membership number and take advantage of this amazing 25% discount!

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