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Abigail Godsall

Abigail Godsall

Last weekend marked a special occasion for Welsh Gymnastics as the Performance and Excel grades welcomed a remarkable gathering of talent, spanning four generations of Commonwealth Games athletes. Among the distinguished guests were coaches and judges whose collective experience and dedication continue to shape the future of Welsh Artistic Gymnastics.

One of our former gymnasts was Natalie Lucitt who is now a high-performance coach hailing from Swansea, who proudly represented Wales in Kuala Lumpur. Alongside her was coach Holly Jones, a former gymnast turned coach, who followed in Natalie’s footsteps to compete in the Gold Coast. Together, they now mentor aspiring gymnasts at Swansea, embodying the spirit of mentorship and community within the sport.

Joining them was Angel Romaeo, a pivotal member of the historic bronze-medal winning team in Glasgow, who graced the event as a judge. Angel’s influence extends beyond the judging panel as she plays a pivotal role in nurturing talent as one of the leading TeamGym coaches at Cardiff Olympic. Alongside her was Jolie Ruckley, a decorated gymnast in her own right. Jolie represented Wales in the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and is now passing on her expertise to the next generation. Maisie Methuen competed alongside Jolie in the Gold Coast representing Wales and was also present on the weekend in her capacity as coach for Valleys Gymnastics Academy inspiring the next generation.

Completing the group was Jea Maracha, the youngest among the Commonwealth Games gymnasts present. Having competed in Birmingham alongside her teammates, Jea has seamlessly transitioned into coaching at Phoenix Gymnastics Club, while also lending her expertise as a judge. Her journey from competitor to mentor exemplifies the enduring legacy of Welsh Gymnastics.

Capturing the essence of international expertise was Sarah Twose, an esteemed brevet judge who has represented Wales at the highest levels, including the Birmingham Commonwealth Games. Fresh from her assignment at the Antalya World Challenge Cup, Sarah’s leadership and guidance continue to nurture a new generation of judges.

Together, these women represent a lineage of excellence and dedication, embodying the values of mentorship, perseverance, and passion that define Welsh Gymnastics. Their presence at the Welsh Performance and Excel grades serves as a testament to their ongoing commitment to shaping the future of the sport, inspiring the next generation of Welsh gymnasts to reach new heights of achievement.

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